Fueling innovation and live better by going Beyond Gas

Arugas strives to continue to play a critical role in the area of energy for Aruba and the Caribbean offering innovative solutions to facilitate daily life.

Let us inspire and guide you in your energy journey. With more than 80 years in the energy business and a team of dedicated professionals we have the experience and knowledge you need.

Design & Installation

Arugas has an experienced and dedicated installation team with DTI-recognized gas installers in-house that can design and execute your commercial and residential installations from start to finish.

Gas Prices

20 Lbs Afl. 25.00
100 Lbs domestic Afl. 60.00*
100 Lbs commercial Afl. 133.25

*You will receive 4 cylinders per year at this regulated price. Every cylinder after will be charged at the commercial price.


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