Arugas Loyalty Program

Exciting news!

Fuel your loyalty with Arugas! Introducing the Arugas Loyalty Card: your ticket to savings as you refill or exchange your 20-lbs cylinder.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every time you purchase, refill, or exchange a 20-lbs cylinder at Arugas, you earn a stamp on your loyalty card—anytime, day or night.
  2. A dedicated team member will stamp your card. One stamp for each refill or exchange.
  3. Once you’ve collected 10 stamps, bring your full card for one free refill or exchange.
  4. Ready for more savings? Get a fresh loyalty card with your next refill or exchange, and keep the rewards rolling in!”

Where can I collect stamps?

You can collect stamps at our convenient 20-lbs drive-through and exchange platform cashiers and with our dedicated security guard during after-hours shifts.

Thank you!

All of us at Arugas thank you for being our client and a valued part of our loyalty program! Keep earning rewards and enjoying the benefits because, at Arugas, it pays to be loyal!

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