Our History

ARUGAS transformed from a small startup company to an indispensable entity playing a critical role in the energy market of Aruba and the Caribbean.
Founded in 1940 by John G. Eman and Manuel Viana, and named Arugas to emphasize the ambitious goal of switching the whole island to gas, Arugas continued to grow and evolve to become the market leader and trendsetter for Aruba and neighboring countries.


On July 1, 1940, Arugas is born after two friends joined forces and started a company to provide gas for Arubans to cook with instead of using kerosene. This dream takes shape in a little office located in an area of Oranjestad that at that time is called Vietnam. In those days cooking with gas was unheard of.


Due to the rapid growth experienced in the last ten years, Arugas decides to move its operation to the neighborhood of Dakota where it opens its office in an isolated area in a street called Rondweg. At this time the company has 3 large 6,000 gallon tanks to store the gas it distributes. Every weekday the drivers head to the Lago Refinery in San Nicolas to fill their trucks with gas for the people of Aruba.


Arugas’ client base has grown starting at 600 clients to more than 16,000 clients. To keep up with this exponential growth, Arugas made significant investments in equipment and upgraded its offices and started exploring the possibility of relocating to an industrial area of the island.


With the Lago Refinery closing its doors, Arugas is left looking for a new partner for the import of gas. This partner is found in Esso Petrolera which becomes the wholesaler for gas. After some years the Coastal Aruba Refinery takes this role over when the refinery is re-opened.


Arugas is acquired by a Dutch company named Drievorm LPG and its director Evert van Woudenberg agrees with local management that it is time to move to an industrial area. By this time Dakota has grown into a densely populated residential neighborhood with many houses being built in close proximity to Arugas.

1995 – 2005

Arugas moves to Barcadera where it builds a modern facility with its own terminal to store the gas. This first phase of the tank farm consists of 10 tanks that can each hold 30,000 gallons of liquified gas. In the year 2000 Arugas expands the tank farm with 10 more tanks and in 2005 once more with another 10 tanks. With a tank farm with a storage capacity of 900,000 gallons Arugas becomes one of the largest gas terminal in the region.


Aruba Investment Bank purchases Arugas as a strategic investment to provide diversity, synergies, and stable returns to the AIB Group.


Bonick Gas & Oil Terminal, a company that forms part of the Arugas Holding Company, becomes the importer/wholesaler for gas on the island of Aruba. Now Arugas is the wholesaler and distributor of gas on the island.


Arugas is the leading gas supplier and distribution company on the island of Aruba. Today Arugas’ activities also include gas installation and technical support services, equipment and appliance sales, and automotive gas conversion technology.

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