What to do if you have a gas leak at home

Imagine you enter your kitchen and are ready to cook dinner but you smell something strange. First you think you have rotten eggs or maybe a dead animal in the kitchen. But you don’t. What is it?

Well, you might have a gas leak. If you suspect a gas leak, then you need to follow the below steps:

  1. First and foremost, do not panic
  2. Do not switch on or off anything (any spark can ignite the gas inside the house)
  3. Open all windows and doors in the room where you smell the gas in order to ventilate the area
  4. Go outside and close the valve of your cylinder or stationary tank
  5. Go back into the house if the smell is gone
  6. Inspect your appliances (particularly the stove) to verify if they are on. Shut down/turn off your appliance (stove, dryer, water heater)
  7. If the leak is found and resolved, re-open your valve
  8. If the leak is not found and/ or unresolved, contact us at Arugas

With the soap and water test you can check yourself if you have a leak. In below video we explain to you how you can do this safely.

The key is to always stay calm and assess the situation.

As an owner of a gas installation, please check the outside installation periodically (at least yearly) for leaks with the soap and water test. The leak test of the appliances requires the owner to follow the maintenance manual.

It is also advisable for residential clients to perform a soap and water test every time a new cylinder is opened to make sure the connections are tight and leak free.

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Good to know!

If the leak cannot be stopped by closing the valve or you do not know where the source of the leak is, stay calm and call our emergency numbers 593-4537 or 594-0830

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