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Sign-up for online gas cylinder ordering:

As of February 1, 2019, Arugas makes available a new facility to order gas online. To make use of this facility customers must first sign-up by clicking on the link provided below. We recommend that you have a previous bill at hand. Requested information marked with * on the sign up form is mandatory and must be filled in.
On the sign-up form you will be requested to enter your:

  1. First Name:
  2. Customer Last Name: (as it appears on the bill)
  3. Customer Number:
  4. Street Address:
  5. House nr:
  6. House nr extension:
  7. Email address:

You may further provide a phone number but this is optional. Within 24 hours your account will be activated. As soon as your account is active you will be able to purchase your cylinder gas order online and review your purchase history.
To order gas you must log in using your:
  • customer number and
  • the email address you give during sign up

Once successfully logged in choose the bank where you deposited your payment to Arugas for the number of gas cylinders you request to order. This effectively means that you must have PREPAID your order at one of the local banks where you have your current account.
Here are our bank account numbers:
  1. Aruba Bank: 118166
  2. CMB: 15258302
  3. RBC: 7700000013152344
  4. Banco Di Caribe 82207401

Next, fill in your payment reference and fill in the number of cylinders you request. You must click the agreement checkbox, which will enable the order button. After clicking the order button you have completed your purchase order request. What is the advantage of ordering online? At any time of the day or night you can make your order request from the comfort of your home or from any mobile device.
With a quicker order procedure we will also work to improve our delivery procedure. We sincerely hope that you will utilize this online cylinder ordering facility. Once you get used to it you will have placed your order in a very convenient way saving you time and energy. Our aim is to improve our service to our customers.
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