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Providing a service to the public is what Arugas is all about. Guaranteeing this to our customers, providing continuity at all times, everywhere. Our logistics processes control and manage the distribution to both large scale business users and to consumers whose gas is delivered to their homes in cylinders whenever it is needed.

Modern gas engineering requires professional expertise. Not only of the product itself, but also of gas treatment systems, the use of gas as a source of energy in a wide range of applications such as gas power systems etc., safety aspects and much more, Arugas has this expertise. We are familiar with the practice, we know what the safety and environmental requirements are and how to meet them.


Do you want to make the best possible use of your gas appliances? We will be pleased to help with the selection of your appliances, approve and test the safety of your gas installation and can help to obtain the greatest benefit from the gas you use.

We can also analyze your energy consumption and provide tips on how to reduce your energy costs significantly.

If you have any questions about the use of gas as a source of energy, Arugas will be pleased to share our expertise, our experience and know how with you. The company has professionally trained specialists as well as its own service department to inspect your gas installation, provide sensible advice and solve any problems professionally. Do you have any problems, don't hesitate to ask your gas company!

Arugas provides service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!! If there is a gas leak in the middle of the night, donít hesitate to call Arugas!

Emergency numbers (after office hours):

-          585-1198 (this number may also be used during office hours) and follow the instructions.

-          593-4537

-      911 (Fire department) and they will contact us for you.