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Legal Conditions

Guidelines for a proper installation:

  1. Cylinders must be on a concrete base.
  2. Cylinders must be minimum 1.6 meters from air-condition/ air-intake/ vent, appliance or window.
  3. Regulator must be installed, screwed onto the wall between the 2 cylinders.
  4. The connection from regulator to cylinder must be done with appropriate pigtail connection.
  5. Regulator vent must be on the bottom side to avoid water entering the regulator.
  6. Connection from regulator to appliance must not have connections in between, if more than one connection is used it must be on the outside wall of the building.
  7. Cylinders must be installed in a well ventilated area, not in a closed room or garage.
  8. Gas line must be seamless black steel or copper pipe with proper flared connection.
  9. Inside the gas line there must be a properly flared connection to appliance.
  10. Appliance must be safe to be connected to.
  11. Complete installation including regulator must not be leaking.

All these points will be carefully checked by Arugas personnel with all new installations.