-  What is the price to refill gas?


 We have different types of gas cylinders:


20 lbs: Afl. 26,00

60 lbs: Afl. 91,20 (commercial)

100 lbs (subsidized max. 6 cylinders per year): Afl. 46.38

100 lbs (commercial): Afl. 152,00

Bulk lts (subsidized max. 600 lts/year): Afl.0,52/liter

Bulk lts (commercial): Afl.1,52/liter


-      Whatís the price for a gas cylinder?


To start the use of a gas cylinder youíd have to pay Afl.125,00 deposit for the cylinder and Afl.46.38 for the gas (refill). In case the cylinder gets lost, you'd have to pay a new deposit.
If you wish to return the gas cylinder Arugas will return the Afl. 125,00 deposit to you.


-      How much does a regulator cost?


The price to change a regulator and pigtails are Afl. 147.55

The price to change a regulator only is Afl. 120.47

The price for regulator is Afl. 64.82


-      How much does a pigtail cost?


The price of a pigtail is Afl.18.02


-  How much does Arugas charges for their services?

    For a list of the charges please click here!





-  Where to install the gas cylinder?

The gas cylinder should be installed outside. Not in the kitchen or any room. For the complete installation guide click here!

-  Can I use a plastic hose to install the gas cylinder?

NO! The hose cannot be plastic or rubber. It must be a copper tubing.





        No matter what kind of gas leak you have always close the gas cylinder immediately!!

        Call Arugas immediately!

-    What to do in case of a gas leak?

Contact Arugas. If the support team is on your route they will check it immediately otherwise someone will be sent during the day.

There are different types of gas leaks:

  1. Inside
  2. Outside

If the leak is inside (in the kitchen etc.), closing the cylinder would be enough.
If you smell the gas around you, open the windows and doors for fresh air circulation.
Wait for the Arugasí support team and they will solve the problem.

If the leak is outside, please check which of the following cases is applicable:

-   Pigtail leak:

The gas is leaking at the connection by the pigtail and valve. The cause of this leak could be that the pigtail was not tightened properly to the valve or that it is worn out. 

-  Valve leak:

The gas is leaking at the valve. The cause of this leak could be that the valve has to be changed.

-  Installation leak:

The gas is leaking at the regulator.

-  Bottom leak:

The leak is at the bottom of the cylinder

-  High pressure leak:

This is a leak when the gas cylinder is too full. The consequence is a very loud sound of gas escaping from the release valve.

While waiting for the support team to arrive you can do the following:

  1. Close the gas cylinder
  2. Put a big wet cloth on top of the cylinder
  3. If the cylinder is in the sun, put a big piece of plywood in front of the cylinder to protect it from the sun. (this could also be the main reason that the gas cylinder is leaking. Because of the high temperature the liquid gas is expanding and coming out of the release valve. The release valve protects the cylinder from exploding!)


Customer information

-  What to do when I ordered gas but it hasnít been delivered yet:

Please contact Arugas at: 585-1198


-  What is my Client number?

Your client number is written on your receipt. If you donít have a receipt please contact us at 585-1198 and we will be pleased to inform you.




New Owners

-  What do I do if I want to transfer my cylinders to someone else for instance if Iím going abroad?

The new owner will need the following:

  1. An authorization letter where the previous owner explains the situation.
    A copy of the previous ownerís ID is mandatory.
  2. The deposit slips if they have them.
  3. If the deposit is not paid in full, the new owner must pay the difference.
  4. The new owner would have to come to Arugas to have the cylinders registered in the new owner's name.


-    How can I check if my cylinder is a stolen cylinder?

The number of your purchased cylinder is on your receipt. Please check if the number on the cylinder is the same as on the receipt. Please check if the receipt is the correct one!


-  What to do if the owner of the cylinder passed away?

In this case only the closest family member can pass the cylinder on to either him/herself or other family member. Bring along the death certificate and a valid ID.


What to do if I bought a house and got the cylinders with it?

The new owner would need to do the following:

Bring the new owner's title deed along with a valid ID, so the cylinder(s) can be transferred from the previous owner to his/her name of the new owner.




Transportation of gas cylinders

-  What is the best transportation vehicle for a gas cylinder?

For 20 lbs it does not matter.

For 100 lbs use a pick-up truck is recommended.

For the 100 lbs a small car is not recommended.




-  Is there someone to help me when I go to refill the cylinder at Arugas?

There are workers at the platform, who are more then willing to help you in any way they can.
Please keep in mind that it is a self-service.






-  If Iím spraying roaches in the kitchen should I worry about the gas?

If youíre spraying in the kitchen and your stove has a pilot light, you must turn the pilot light off. You must also turn off the gas cylinder and disconnect the electricity fuse of the kitchen.


-  For information about water heaters, dryers or any other appliance, contact Arugas.





-  Do I have to turn off the gas cylinder when the oil in my cooking-pan is on fire?

YES! You should turn off the valve of the gas cylinder and close the cooking pan. If it gets out of hand and a fire starts, please contact the fire department at 911.