Domestic installations:


The customer has the choice to either do the installation himself or let Arugas do the installation.

If the customer decides to do the installation himself, Arugas will inspect the installation before delivering a gas cylinder.

The cost of the installation done by Arugas depends for example on the distance between the gas cylinder and the kitchen. Arugas can give you an estimation of how much it may cost.

The installation can either be visible or underground.
The most common domestic installation is visible, which means that the installation is not underground but above ground. An underground installation is situated under the ground.
This type of installation is done when the gas cylinders are not close to their kitchen. The copper pipes are put into a pvc pipe which is then placed underground.

There are several procedures used for underground installations, which differ from visible installations:

-          A leak will be less noticeable and may not be discovered quickly.

-          Whenever there is a suspicion of a leak, Arugas has to use pressure during the inspection in order to check the leak.

-          The price of this type of installation is more expensive.

-          To repair the leak the installation has to be dug out, which means that if you have concrete above it, this has to be broken.