Commercial installations:


These installations mainly for hotels, apartments (if it involves two or more apartments it is considered commercial), restaurants etc. are subjected to the regulations of the government safety inspection department (D.T.I.) who applies the NFDA 58 standards and some local codes.

If the installation is done by a third party the installation company must be registered at D.T.I. (Dienst Technische Inspectie)

Whenever the commercial customer makes a request for a new installation, our Support team goes to the site and makes an assessment of the situation to draft a quotation for the gas installation. This is done free of charge.

The cost of each commercial installation depends on the location and the total btu consumption of the appliances to be installed. The size of the tank is determined by the total consumption required.

The proper location and size of the LP Gas container (tank) has to be approved by D.T.I.