History of Arugas

Arugas N.V. is a private company and was established in 1940.

In the past the gas cylinders were filled at the Lago Refinery in San Nicolas, where the product was produced through refinery process. In the 50ís Arugas build their own facilities to fill the gas cylinders at their own plant.

After the closing of the refinery, and until today the product is being imported out of different suppliers such as us golf coast, Trinidad & Venezuela. In 1996 Arugas moved its plant to their new facilities at Barcadera.

Information for the general public.

Via this website Arugas endeavors to keep the general public informed.
So please return to this page to review our new posts.

You may now place your order by email. To do so please take the following steps: Send your email request to info@arugas.com and attach a copy of your bank payment. Your order will be processed.
You could also send your email to this account should you have any questions about your order.

Effective January 1,2012 the following rules were applied:

  • The average domestic (cooking gas consumption per household is approximately 3 cylinders per year.
    However, as of January 1st. 2012 Arugas allowed its domestic clients to buy a (maximum) of 6 cylinders per year (more than double the average) at the subsidized price, which is currently stipulated at 46.38 florins per 100 lb cylinder.
  • The seventh (7th) or more cylinders of gas during the year will be sold at the real market price (not subsidized) which fluctuates and is much more expensive than the subsidized price. Therefore you may however be additionally charged a deposit (adjustment) amount of 5.00 florins. Please call to find out if this applies to you.
  • Arugas will control all the serial numbers of the gas cylinders that are delivered or brought to the plant in order to verify that this number coincides with the number in Arugas administration. To avoid discrepancy in the serial number, Arugas advises its customers not to lend out or remove the cylinders from the registered address at Arugas and please do not reveal your client number to other persons.
  • Arugas recommends all clients to revise the serial number of the cylinder on the last invoice received and notify Arugas in case of any discrepancy.

Who we are

Arugas is THE gas distribution company on the island of Aruba. We supply, import and store gas and provide it to the point of use. In your home or in your business, in the quantity that you need. This requires not just the supply capacity, but also a reliable and professional organization to ensure the continuity of supply.

Wherever people live and work it is important that a businesslike attitude and environmental awareness go hand in hand. Gas is an environmentally friendly fuel as its combustion is almost complete and does not produce any harmful substances. Gas also provides energy instantly when it is needed, which helps to prevent waste.

Arugas: clean energy for a clean environment.

Our employees

The procedure of gas

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