Charges for services and labor Arugas

These prices or effective of February 1, 2015 and are subject to change.




Collect cylinder

When customer ends usage of gas to collect deposit.


1st cylinder


Afl. 27,30

Following cylinders


Afl. 10,10

Approve/inspect house hold installation

When customers do the installation

Afl. 53,05

Approve/inspect house hold installation

(Underground) pressure test

Afl. 126,25

Check stove

When Arugas does repair

Afl. 126,25

Change regulator

Replace a defective regulator

Afl. 115,30

Installation vent kit dryer

Drilling and installing vent ducts

Afl. 126,25

Change pigtails

Replacing 1 defective pigtail

Replacing 2 defective pigtails

Afl. 46,50
Afl. 62,65

Change regulator & pigtails

Replacing both defective regulator & pigtails

Afl. 147,65

Household installation

Approx. 10 feet

 Afl. 303,00

Commercial installation

Labor charge per hour

 Afl. 126,25

Check leak (general)

Minimum charge

Afl. 25,25

Extra charge commercial bulk

Emergency deliveries service ( min )

Afl. 125,00





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